Barcelona – Sustainable tourism
Barcelona – Sustainable tourism

Eco-friendly Studio

Barceloneta eco-friendly Studio is a 25m2 space located in the district of Ciutat Vella. Close to the beach and tourist attractions; our studio was built with reused materials.

The Five “R” for Sustainable Management

A sustainable hostel is one that, regardless of its classification, category, or location, is based on its economic-strategic, environmental, social, and cultural design and management principles. These goals are determined by the satisfaction of the needs of the different agents of interest, respecting the environment and its biodiversity, within a framework of permanent ethics, while contributing to sustainable human development, seeking to improve social capital and quality of life of the entire present and future community.
Based on this, we can determine that there are five common points in what could be called hostels sustainable and socially responsible, which various authors refer to as the “5 Rs”. Five “Rs” that every sustainable hostel should comply with:

  • Rethinking: understood as the first exercise that a hostel that aspires to be considered sustainable. A hostel must be designed or redesigned and aligned with an action strategy based on sustainable management.
  • Reduce: one of the objectives of any sustainable hostel must be the reduction of consumption, waste, and energy to minimize the environmental impact.
  • Reuse: the hostel must reuse by taking its measures and cooperating with allies (NGOs or other facilitators and partners), to promote sustainable initiatives.
  • Recycle: the recycling of residues, scraps, and components that have been end of their useful life and are no longer used, it is a fundamental part of meeting the demands of being a sustainable hostel.
  • Respect: the value of respect must be established as a support for the entire strategy and operations of the hostel, both at a social and environmental level, making them aware and communicating and disseminating it to all groups of interest.