Off the beaten path

Uncensored eco-friendly Bike Tour

Olá Gerardo,

As I told you for me and my wife this was the best bike tour of all we’ve done so far… You gave tour insights of Barcelona and it’s history with a special touch of city living, social dimension and arts activism.
Before the tour we felt that the city was overcrowded and not worthing but after seeing a glimpse of the real Barcelona we want to comeback.
André & Tânia
Eco-friendly Tour
Workshop: 08003 La Barceloneta

Barcelona’s eco-friendly bike tour, ride off the beaten path and discover the city’s hidden gems. Discover unique shops in the world, hidden gardens, innovative street art galleries, enriching stories, and a lot of diversity. Come and discover it!

Bicycles are recycled to reduce climate change’s effects. Designed for a guided tour, each one was repaired, painted, and assembled with a lot of dedication and hours of work.

The massification of tourism and new technologies have negatively affected the quality of life of the people of Barcelona. Our groups do not exceed six people to respect the city’s residents, improve the common areas, and distribute the work among more professionals, favoring a social and solidarity economy.

Uncensored Tours does not charge commissions for the sites we recommend, guaranteeing that the visitor discovers the city in an uncensored way.

Recycled bikes


Barcelona eco-friendly Bike Tour: off the beaten path, discover Barcelona’s hidden gems with my recycled bikes.