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“Amazing tour in a less visited part of Barcelona! Highly recommended. So great meeting you Gerardo!”

Tour & Yoga en Park Güell
Pasaje del Park Güell


We are independent guides who have worked in other tourist companies, which unfortunately do not allow us to talk about certain topics that concern the city of Barcelona, due to the controversy that they generate. This form of censorship is only detrimental to participants interested in knowing the real Barcelona.

For this reason we have decided to create [Un]Censored Tours, to provide a quality service where people can get to know the city fully and without censorship.


We do not charge commissions for the places we recommend: museums, art galleries, bars, wineries, restaurants, theaters, stores and cultural centers.

In this way we will always recommend what we consider to be the best places in the city.


We get involved and give back what the work area gives us. We know that the gentrification and touristification of the neighborhoods of Barcelona is latent and has grown exponentially.

That is why we have donated some plants and trees to the Jardi de la Bartola, contributing to make a greener and more sustainable area. In addition, our groups are exclusive with no more than 6 people per tour or experience, so as not to disturb the neighbors of the different neighborhoods.

Here you can read Jardí de la Bartola’s Manifiesto



[Un]Censored Tours in collaboration** with the University of Freiburg for the study entitled “Touristification in Barcelona” (September, 2019)* as part of the Master’s programme “Geography of Global Change”.


​​* University of Freiburg, “Touristification in Barcelona” (2019). Link:

** For “El Raval: Between economic development and resistance” by Katharina Agena, Simon Coenen, Jakob Kramer and Yannick Layer. Link: