Original Barcelona tours and experiences

Uncensored Barcelona tours and experiences

“Amazing tour in a less visited part of Barcelona! Highly recommended. So great meeting you Gerardo!”


Why [Un]Censored?

To create the best original and uncensored Barcelona tours we collaborate together with different artists and professionals, so you can have the best time in the city. Yoga, music, food, sailboats, street art, capoeira mixed with different types of guided tours.

The company was created by independent guides who had worked in other companies where, sadly, is not allow to talk about some issues related to the city of Barcelona, because of the controversies that create. This type of censorship is only detrimental to the visitors interested in getting to know the real and true Barcelona.

For this reason we have decided to create [Un]Censored Tours, so we can offer a qualified service where people can know the city in a full and without censor way. Always taking care of our environment and the people around us.

Small Groups

We look forward to create an ideal Barcelona experience and that is why our groups are small. Allowing a real feedback between the visitors and the guide, who will be able to clarify all doubts and provide enriching comments.

This configuration is set to respect the residents of the different neighborhoods we are visiting, since the tours with large groups can be annoying.

[Un]Censored Tours in collaboration** with the University of Freiburg for the study entitled “Touristification in Barcelona” (September, 2019) as part of the Master’s programme “Geography of Global Change”.

​reflecting BARCELONA tourism*

Barcelona is one of the most important centres of European city tourism. The city is experiencing strong tourism growth, which is associated with profound changes in the urban environment. Many residents, as well as political and civil society actors, now perceive tourism in some ways as a burden. Some are protesting against the fact that their everyday space is being appropriated and their quality of life is being eroded. A close look at selected urban districts of Barcelona shows that changes and negotiation processes connected with touristification follow different courses. This transformation is multifaceted and is embedded in complex and even contradictory contexts.

​​* University of Freiburg, “Touristification in Barcelona” (2019). Link:

** For “El Raval: Between economic development and resistance” by Katharina Agena, Simon Coenen, Jakob Kramer and Yannick Layer.