Due to the current context where the mobility of people has been reduced, we have decided to create our Online Experiences. Combining cooking classes with different activities such as yoga sessions and music, aimed at personal well-being, sustainability and the protection of animal species



Pasaje del Park Güell

If you like nature, love animals, advocate for a sustainable world and consider that people’s well-being is paramount, this is the ideal experience for you.
Our experience is based on 3 essential pillars: respect for diversity, care for the environment and protection of animals.
Unlike conventional experiences, this one has 2 well differentiated parts that complement each other.
In the first we will enjoy a vegan cooking class, learning how to prepare and preserve hamburgers based on legumes. With an original and unique recipe, which Gerardo and his partner Nacho used in their artisanal “Vegan Factory”. The objective is to present a recipe that contributes to the conservation of animal species and the environment that surrounds us.
In the second part we will practice a tantra yoga session with Leticia to balance body and mind. There are many benefits it gives us, from strengthening our body to improving our sexual relationships for example.
All this from our house on the outskirts of Barcelona and with our recycled cooking and recording equipment.
This is our contribution to create a more humane and sustainable world.
Don’t forget to think of a sauce for our burgers for the final surprise!

Yoga en el Park Güell


Uncersored Tours offers guided tours to groups up to 10 people. Always taking care of our enviroment and the people around us.