First, I would like to thank the people who influenced or helped me make this project a reality:

Antoni Gaudí, my family, especially Marcelo, el Abuelo Pedro Aldrovandi, Ulises (logo & website), Nacho, el Oso, Marcelo «Toto» Moreira, al Pela, Maggie, Luke Watson (best BCN guide, author of the company name «Uncensored tours»), Lalo, Lea y Ale, Tito Hache, Jordi Yocco, Yot Gallery, Akore, Dani, Mansour, Top Manta, Agora Juan Andres Benitez and most important: Angy. To all the ones I forgot and those I didn’t forget, but maybe they think so.

Thank you.


My name is Gerardo; I arrived in the city for the first time in 2002 and studied sociology and politics between Montevideo and Barcelona. In addition to my depth knowledge of social science, I have several years of experience in gastronomy and Mediterranean cuisine.

I love history and my work; being a tour guide was a dream I had as a child. I want the visitors to feel the city as I do.

I started as a tour guide in 2016. Working for a free walking tour company, after a year, I realized I was a salesman and not a tour guide; the one that ends at the bottom of the sales list is who gets the worst schedule. That was the main reason to create Uncensored Tours, to give the visitor the experience of living the authentic Barcelona in an uncensored way.

In 2021 I started this project after seeing climate change’s problems, and Covid-19 was the last straw. As an individual, what can I do to help nature? Then I realized many bikes were left in the street, so I started to repair and recycle them in my workshop at La Barceloneta. The bikes are functional to ride on a guided tour, and the different colors represent Barcelona’s diversity and are a tribute to Gaudí and nature.