The Free Music Tour work in a very simple way. It is only 2 steps:

1. Book your place without paying anything.
2. At the end of the tour, you decide its value.

This system is the path we choose to live doing what we love to do; and it stimulates us to give our best in every tour so that your experience is what we like to call an [Un]Censored Experiencie.

Enjoy History Free Tour

We are musicians and tour guides who met working in the streets of Barcelona and have decided to join forces to create a unique free walking tour with live music.

We will visit the oldest district of Barcelona: Gothic Quarter. Walking through the oldest streets of the city, we will talk uncensored about the most important history of Barcelona. Starting at Plaza Catalunya, where we will make an introduction of the tour to explore the small streets of the area, explaining and getting to know the different civilizations that populated the city: Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and we will reveal the beginnings of the Catalan civilization that will help us to understand the current independence movement.

The tours are led by a guide in the company of a musician who will give the ideal environment so that participants can fall in love with the city as we are. Music and history unite forces to give you a unique and unforgetable experience.

DATES: Saturday 10:30 pm
LANGUAGES: Spanish or English


Uncersored Tours offers guided tours to groups up to 10 people. Always taking care of our enviroment and the people around us.