We are a multicultural group that the city of Barcelona has united and now we come together to show the city we choose to live in. We are the spirit of Barcelona!
We are profesional tour guides, musicians, yoga teachers, sailing instructors, artist and writers who love what we do and the city we choose to live. We get together and collaborate to show the real Barcelona, in order to give an experience to remember.



Living in Barcelona for over 17 years now. He studied Politics Sciences in Montevideo, and he is currently studying Sociology at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
Gerardo loves history and loves telling it. Being a tour guide is a dream he had as a child.
He like that the visitors can feel the city as he does.



Born in Louisiana (USA), lived many years in California where she took her first steps as a tour guide.

She travel around North America knowing cities like Oregon, Los Angeles, Toronto and San Fransisco. Until she came to Barcelona, ​​where she has been working for five years showing the city she fell in love with.



From a family of musicians of Native American blood (charrúa), he was born in Catalunya 43 years ago. Sharing his love for Montevideo and Barcelona.

Started to play music at the age of two. Thanks to his mechanical knowledge he can build drums with recycled objects and also because his specialty is percussion and uruguayan candombe. 




He comes from the southernmost city in the world in Tierra del Fuego, where he started with music as a child and thanks to that he is now a specialist in percussion, although he also plays guitar, sicus, sings and composes Latin American folklore.

His years of experience in the region allow him not only to generate unforgettable experiences but also to recommend different places in Catalonia. With Catalan children, it is already another “local” in the town of Castelldefels where he arrived more than 25 years ago.


Tito Hache


Originally from Mendoza, known as the land of wine near Los Andes. He arrived to Barcelona 17 years ago, more precisely to the town of Castelldefels.

Producer, composer, musician, teacher and actor. His specialty is percussion, currently he teaches music in some schools of Barcelona.




He arrived in Barcelona in 2004 and fell in love with the city immediately.
After a few travels and many adventures, He decided to settle in Barcelona.
He is a designer, writer, musician and actor, and he put a little bit of all of this in his tours, to show you the best of Barcelona.



Born in Angola, in a family of musicians, he travel around the world from Buenos Aires to Lisboa. He came to Barcelona 15 years ago, and made his home here.

Composer, producer and musician, he controls from the tango to the African rhythms, he can also sing in Spanish, English and Portuguese.



From St. Petersburg, where he worked as a tour guide for many years, job he enjoyed for the possibility to meet people from other cultures.

He arrived to Barcelona in 2007, a city he chose because of its more pleasant weather and multiculturalism. All this allows him to be able to show Barcelona to his Russian compatriots.



Born in Barcelona and impressed by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.  He never separated from the sea, and get closer at the age of 17 when he open his sailing school 13 Nudos in Castelldefels.

After 24 years working as an instructor, he decided to establish his home in the Kuili sailboat with which he joins the [Un]Censored project allowing him to combine his two passions: Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

Lucky Lux


Composer and musician, born in Argentina. His specialty is guitar and singing, although he also controls other instruments such as bass and percussion.

He arrived in Barcelona more than 15 years ago and can still be seen in the most emblematic streets of the Gothic Quarter as a street artist, despite being a consolidated musician in the city.