Our Walking Tours are destined to groups between 1 and 10 people tops, that want to know in depth and without censors the most interesting Barcelona.

Historical Tour

We will visit the oldest district of Barcelona: Gothic Quarter. Walking through the oldest streets of the city, we will talk uncensored about the most important history of Barcelona.

Starting at Plaza Catalunya, where we will make an introduction of the tour to explore the small streets of the area, explaining and getting to know the different civilizations that populated the city: Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and we will reveal the beginnings of the Catalan civilization that will help us to understand the current independence movement.

We will learn about Catalan Modernism, the Spanish Civil War and the most impressive customs of the catalan people, such as castellers, gegants and caganers, while we go deeper into the most emblematic streets of the neighborhood, which will provide us with an ideal framework to get to know the historical Barcelona.

DATES: Upon availability.
VACANCY: 10 persons max.
PRICE: 25,00 euros

Alexa Alexa Lopez 

“Gerardo was an AMAZING tour guide! He was so knowledgeable and made the tour very unique. He’s a local, so not only was he able to answer history questions, but also about recommendations around the city. He even sent me a PDF and drew on a map to help plan my itinerary while I was in Barcelona. Highly recommend this tour! Gerardo was really friendly and it was truly a great experience.” (May 2019)

Underground Tour

We will visit the most multicultural, dangerous, and exciting neighborhood of Barcelona: El Raval. We will get to know its history and speak about the uncensored underground Barcelona.

We will explore the streets of Raval starting with Plaza Catalunya, where we will talk a little about the history of the city, and then enter and explore the small streets of Raval. We talk about the different community and political movements such as anarchism, the independence movement, and squater societies.

We will touch on topics such as sex, drugs, street art, rumba catalana and immigration, as we go deeper into the most emblematic streets of the neighborhood.

DATES: Upon availability.
VACANCY: 10 persons max.
PRICE: 25,00 euros.

Jessica & Anis Jessica and Anis
“Gerardo offered us a unique experience by showing us uncommon places in Barcelona. He told us a lot about the history and showed us extraordinary street art. After the tour, he even sat with us together to have a beer in his favourite bar and gave us a list of his preferred restaurants. We would definitely recommend his tour!” (May 2019)



They are tours specially design for groups up to 10 people who want to live unique experiences in and outside Barcelona.