Our gold is to create original and unique experiences in Barcelona. We are professional tour guides, musicians, capoeira, yoga and sailing instructors, chefs, artists and writers who love what we do and the city we choose to live. We get together and collaborate to create our Barcelona Unique Experiences, in order to give a moment to remember. Always taking care of our environment and the people around us.


Tour & Yoga

Park Güell passage

The experience will be guided by Gerardo and Ana Leticia, who met walking through the park created by Gaudí.

They decide to design an experience combining their skills, Gerardo tourist guide who explains the life and work of the genius and Leticia takes us to a more spiritual level with her knowledge of yoga and practicing with all participants a class of 30 minutes. This combination allows the visitor to know the human side of Gaudí and also generates a dialogue between them and the architect walking through his most natural work.

All this allows us to create that connection between the visitor, the genius and nature with the help of Gerardo and Leticia that will guide them throughout the process. Something much deeper than the simple visit to Gaudí’s creations is generated, connecting in a very special way and also enjoying a unique experience.


Yoga class and meditation

I wholeheartedly recommend this experience for a solo traveller and first time visitor to Barcelona. Both Gerardo & Ana are really warm & welcoming, and if you are new to the city, I really recommend taking this tour at the beginning of your trip. That said, I am really looking forward to coming back to Barcelona & taking one of Gerardo’s Uncensored walking tours! (December, 2019)



Tapas Bar Leo

Riding Barcelona by bike, starting at the Gothic quarter where we will meet two of the most controversial characters who lived in the city: George Orwell and Pablo Picasso.

Continuing at the Born and Ciudadella Park where we can admire the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar . Then we are going to enter the park to know its rich history.

Passing through the Olympic Village we can see the most recent changes in the city thanks to the 1992 Olympic Games.

When we arrive to Barceloneta, fishermen’s neighborhood, we take a break at the historic Bar Leo to rest, refresh and recover energies with some of the homemade tapas of the place.

Continue towards El Raval, where we are going to know the anarchists of Barcelona. We will visit a community garden, a busy and recycled space for the use of everyone. A green oasis inside the concrete jungle.

Along the way we are going to see the most amazing graffiti and street art in the city.

Finishing at the Gothic quarter riding its small streets to know the most hidden places of the old town.


Keith Haring "Todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA"

Amazing experience!! It was my best time in Barcelona, I really get to know the city past, present and future. We went to areas that I wasn’t able to go by myself, the b-side of the city and that made this trip to Barcelona unique. Gerardo is very knowledgeable and he is very funny too. The tapas bar was SUPER LOCAL, the owner Leo is very special and makes excellent homemade tapas. We have time and I want to see a Gaudi building: Palau Güell… I definitely recommend this experience!!! (January, 2020)



Sailboat Experience
Mediterranean Tour

Starting at Port Ginesta in Castelldefels on board of a sail boat, towards the city of Barcelona. In the time it takes us to get to the city we are going to explain the history of the fishermen who lived around the ports of Catalunya and it will be the best time to taste some of the typical tapas and drinks of the area, such as bread with tomato, the anchovies in vinegar and the Catalan cava. Here we will make a brief introduction explaining the general history of the region.

Once we see the city we will talk about some of the civilizations that populated the city historically, such as the Romans, the Jews and the House of Barcelona, ​​in order to learn about the places that we can observe from the sea. Also talking about the Spanish Civil War and the changes that took place during the 1992 Olympic Games, without a doubt the most important event of the 20th century.

We are going to learn the history of the “bastaixos”, tireless workers who made possible the construction of one of the few purely Gothic churches in Europe: the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, also known as “the church of the workers”.

DATES: available from 1st of july
VACANCY: 2 to 6 persons
PRICE: on request.



Montserrat highest point
Yoga and meditation at Park Güell

Our knowledge and versatility gives us the possibility to design the tour of your interest.

By van, bicycle, sailboat, walking, with music, inside or outside Barcelona. Tapas and wine or history and culture, what you interest the most we designed it so your stay in the city of Barcelona will be the best.

We speak Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Russian. No matter where you come from, the important thing is that your experience is unique and [Un]Censored.

DATES: Upon availability
VACANCY: consult
PRICE: on request.

Tapas experience