Our Barcelona Walking Tours are destined for small groups of 10 people max.

Walking through the streets of Barcelona you are going to learn history, architecture, politics, art and the non-touristic attractions, those which the guides books never talk about.


We will discover the secrets of the most influential and recognized person in Barcelona: Antoni Gaudí.

Genius or crazy? Anarchist or Nationalist? Freemason or devout Christian? Celibate or gay? Did he have superpowers, a magical and mysterious way to communicate with nature, or perhaps a little autism?

I will answer all these questions on our tour where we can enjoy its architecture, unique in the world.

Talking about the innovative techniques and show you the human side of Gaudí, to understand his work and his role in the metamorphosis of Barcelona: physically, during the Industrial Revolution, and energetically, to this day.

The tour will take place entirely in the Eixample neighborhood, designed in the 19th century and served as the glue to unite the different towns on the outskirts of old Barcelona.

It will be a pleasant morning walk meanwhile we revealed all the mysteries that surround Gaudí.

Gerardo was an excellent tour guide and offered a unique and (un)censored look at Gaudí. Specifically the exclusive info he provided about La Sagrada Família, the kind of info you won’t hear or see inside the church. Additionally, is super honest and completely open and willing to talk about the magical culture and history of Gaudí and the greater Catalan region. I highly suggest taking this tour before going to any Gaudí exhibit as the info you gain from this tour will enhance those experiences. All-in-all this was an A+ experience all thanks to Gerardo! (August 2019)


Sagrada Familia

Uncensored Barcelona Tour

I will show the city that does not appear in the tourist guides, we will discover the most multicultural, dangerous, and exciting neighborhood of Barcelona: El Raval.

Walking through its streets I will explain the history of an area standing up against gentrification and touristification. To understand the present and get to know the different urban tribes of El Raval.

We will learn about the different community and political movements such as anarchism, feminism, H.I.J.O.S., and squatter societies (Movimiento Okupa).

Talking about topics such as sex, drugs, street art, graffiti, skateboarding, and immigration, we will see the most supportive, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and diverse areas in the city; as we go deeper into the most emblematic streets of the neighborhood.

Other things to note: photos must be taken discreetly with the pre-authorization of the guide.

Gerardo offered us a unique experience by showing us uncommon places in Barcelona. He told us a lot about the history and showed us extraordinary street art. After the tour, he even sat with us together to have a beer in his favourite bar and gave us a list of his preferred restaurants. We would definitely recommend his tour! (May 2019)

Jessica and Anis

El Raval walking tour



They are tours specially design for groups up to 10 people who want to live unique experiences in and outside Barcelona.