Enjoy the city in a different way with the Barcelona Yoga Tours. Discover amazing facts about the Park Güell in an hour and a half walking tour and then practice an hour of yoga and meditation that will provide you the balance and the clearness of your mind.


Tour & Yoga

Park Güell passage

The experience will be guided by Gerardo and Ana Leticia, who met walking through the park created by Gaudí.

They decide to design an experience combining their skills, Gerardo tourist guide who explains the life and work of the genius and Leticia takes us to a more spiritual level with her knowledge of yoga and practicing with all participants a class of 30 minutes. This combination allows the visitor to know the human side of Gaudí and also generates a dialogue between them and the architect walking through his most natural work.

All this allows us to create that connection between the visitor, the genius and nature with the help of Gerardo and Leticia that will guide them throughout the process. Something much deeper than the simple visit to Gaudí’s creations is generated, connecting in a very special way and also enjoying a unique experience.


Yoga class and meditation

I wholeheartedly recommend this experience for a solo traveller and first time visitor to Barcelona. Both Gerardo & Ana are really warm & welcoming, and if you are new to the city, I really recommend taking this tour at the beginning of your trip. That said, I am really looking forward to coming back to Barcelona & taking one of Gerardo’s Uncensored walking tours! (December, 2019)



Uncersored Tours offers guided tours to groups up to 10 people. Always taking care of our enviroment and the people around us.